Sales Training in West Michigan

Blow Away Your Numbers In 2013

Sharpen Your Axe at the Whetstone

Are you looking for new tools to help exceed your quotas?

Would additional sales training improve your results?

Are you satisfied with your sales performance or would you like to improve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need the Whetstone Sales Forum to sharpen your axe on a regular basis.

The Whetstone Sales Forum will help sharpen your sales skills needed in this growing economy and your focus on the key behaviors needed to reach your goals. Even the most seasoned sales professionals will value the sales training, experience, synergies and empowerment of the Forum.

Thank you for visiting us at the Whetstone Sales Forum.  Our Forum meeting season has concluded and will pick back up in the fall.  
If you have any:
  • Questions or thoughts about running your sales meeting or motivating your sales team
  • Are looking for a tracking software that will improve your sales team performance
  • Want to discuss sales over a cup of coffee
  • Are looking for a contract sales manager or sales hunter

Please feel free to call me.

Warm Regards
Mike Bradley